Our Church

Original Sunday School in Front of LSB Clubhouse, where Church was held from 1948-1961

In the spring of 1948, three young mothers looked around the growing community of La Selva Beach and said, “What we need here is a Sunday School.” And so it began, in the local clubhouse. By 1961, the La Selva Beach Community Church was built and born into the United Church of Christ.

As a church community, we seek to draw closer to God and become the people we were created to be–more kind, loving, generous and patient. We strive to serve an evolving world in practical ways, guided by the life and the teachings of Jesus and by the Bible’s greatest commandment–to love your neighbor.

Organizationally, we are members of the United Church of Christ, which has a rich history of promoting social justice and inclusiveness. As such, we are Open and Affirming–welcoming everyone without regard to race, ethnic background, class or sexual orientation. We also honor insights from seekers in other spiritual traditions. We value learning, questioning, doubting and struggling with matters of faith.

Activities of our church reflect these goals and perspectives. They include…

  • Sunday morning worship and Sunday School at 10am
  • Tuesday morning meditation/centering prayer group at 8am
  • Community-building activities such as the annual ice cream social, monthly small group dinners and other events
  • Study opportunities, book discussion groups and guest speakers
  • Service opportunities which draw awareness to world injustices, support
    local organizations that feed and shelter the homeless, and raise funds
    for disaster relief
  • AA meeting availability 5 nights/week
  • Secret Garden Preschool 5 days/week (independently owned)

Our church financially supports many of your favorite charities like Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen, Pajaro Valley Shelter for Women and Children, Second Harvest, Santa Cruz Homeless Services Center, Hospice of Santa Cruz County and Habitat for Humanity to name just a few.

With open minds and open hearts we invite you to get to know God and your neighbors more fully at La Selva Beach Community Church as we seek to be a church for you, our local and wider community.