Sunday School

Children who attend Sunday School at La Selva Beach Community Church are welcomed into a safe, respectful and nurturing community. Here they have an opportunity to receive support and encouragement for the same values you strive to model at home. Values like kindness, generosity, forgiveness and acceptance. In addition to learning these values through Bible study, children have the opportunity to practice them through sharing, music and creative arts. They further re-enforce their knowledge and teach what they learn by participating in periodic choir performances and seasonal church plays. With consistent support, children are encouraged to live their values, apply them in their daily lives, and share them with others. (Plus, they have fun!)

Sunday services begin at 10am. Children are encouraged to join their families for the beginning of the service and passing of the peace. Shortly thereafter, they will be invited to leave for Sunday School. For infants and aspiring Sunday schoolers, childcare is also provided. Of course, children are welcome to stay for the entire service, if that is more comfortable for them.