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The Evolution of a Christian

I am a Christian AND an evolutionary biologist. For some, this may seem like a conflict. How can one believe in the Bible AND trust the facts of modern science? Continue reading

To Be Continued…

When I watch a murder-mystery or see a spy-thriller, I like to have the loose ends tied up. And if the person I’m with can’t help me do that; can’t help me make all the necessary connections and understand the resolution of the story, well, I turn to Google Continue reading

The Devil Made Me Do It!

“The Devil made me do it,” the comedian Flip Wilson would say. And though we may have said that in jest about something we have said or done, didn’t it feel at times like there was truth there? Continue reading

Grace for all Seasons

Giving thanks prior to dining is a rewarding (though sometimes forgotten) ritual. Try reciting or contemplating this Thanksgiving Grace by Victoria Judez. It may be just the thing you need to get started on your own personal list of gratitudes. Continue reading

Render to God

At first glance, October 16th’s scripture reading from Matthew looks like just another debate over taxes. Read on to discover the deeper meaning and timely relevance these passages have to offer. Continue reading

A Prayer for Animals

It was wonderful to see such a variety of critters at this year’s Blessing of the Animals service. We enjoyed the company of turtles to tabbies, along with cockatiels, chickens, and of course, lots of dogs! In honor of all … Continue reading

Maggie and her pups have all found families

At the Blessing of the Animals Service, one of our Sunday School teachers shared the story of a lovable beagle mix mama and pups that needed new homes. She’s happy to report that each dog has found a human family … Continue reading

Looking for God

The Christian path is one of looking for God in every condition and circumstance of life. It is the remembrance of God, “without ceasing” as St. Paul put it. But how and where is God to be found? Member, Bob … Continue reading

For what do you thirst?

People have survived without food for weeks or even months, but to go without water for just one day will put us in dire straits. Yet, we have other thirsts that are deeper and less obvious than our thirst for water. Some of us thirst for acceptance, Continue reading

Language and the Spiritual Life

We Christians love words. We sing them; we read them; we speak and listen to large numbers of words during our worship. Member, Bob Strayer, adds to them here as he reflects about the uses of words, of language, and … Continue reading