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tierneyygrace-croppedIn Nicaragua, the Project Serve: Outreach 360 Team worked in the town of Jinotega, known as the City of Mists for its location deep within the mountains of the coffee producing region. Their mission was to transform and empower individuals, families, communities, and countries through education. Pepperdine University student Tierney Anderson sends a huge note of thanks to our church family for their support of her desire to provide service and share the love of God with new friends in Nicaragua. “It was awesome! Life changing!”



  • The Evolution of a Christian

    I am a Christian AND an evolutionary biologist. For some, this may seem like a conflict. How can one believe in the Bible AND trust the facts of modern science? Continue reading

  • To Be Continued…

    When I watch a murder-mystery or see a spy-thriller, I like to have the loose ends tied up. And if the person I’m with can’t help me do that; can’t help me make all the necessary connections and understand the resolution of the story, well, I turn to Google Continue reading

  • The Devil Made Me Do It!

    “The Devil made me do it,” the comedian Flip Wilson would say. And though we may have said that in jest about something we have said or done, didn’t it feel at times like there was truth there? Continue reading